Catering tablecloths and cloth napkins

Gastronomie-Tischdecken mit AtlaskanteGastro tablecloths in square and round form the focus of our assortment. Are you looking for high-quality table linen for your restaurant, hotel or catering establishment? Would you like to order catering tablecloths? We carry a wide range of gastro table linen so that your customers can spend a pleasant time with you. In gastronomy, hard-wearing, boil-proof gastro tablecloths are needed that are also chlorine-resistant and easy to clean. Gastronomy tablecloths are therefore usually made of two-ply cotton. For full-thread tablecloths, two or more threads are twisted together, i. e. twisted, before weaving. As a result, Gastro tablecloths made of full-twine cotton are more durable and resistant than conventional tablecloths, and due to their dimensional stability they can also undergo more frequent washing cycles. For this reason, all our gastro tablecloths are made of full-twine cotton: this guarantees a long service life and great durability. You can buy all Gastro tablecloths and Gastro napkins online from us.

Catering tablecloths with satin band

Our gastronomy tablecloths with atlas edge are of a controlled high quality, Weisse Tischdecken mit Atlaskante und weisse Stoffservietten für restaurant & Cateringwhich withstands many washing cycles. All tablecloths are made of 100% pure cotton and are suitable for cooking. White gastro tablecloths with satin stripes are a focal point of the range. We stock all sizes commonly used in the restaurant and catering industry. All Gastro tablecloths with atlas stripes are chlorine resistant and very durable. They are adapted to the demands of gastronomy. In addition to the white tablecloths with atlas edge, the white tablecloths without any pattern are also very popular, as they appear neutral, simple and very modern in the restaurant. The white tablecloths without pattern are also available in many standard sizes. In addition, we also stock them in many special sizes and oversizes. Here you can order ready-made gastro tablecloths up to 330 cm in length online. If you cannot find a tablecloth size, please contact us via our contact form by e-mail or directly by telephone and we will try to help you. To match the tablecloths, we also offer fabric napkins for the catering, hotel and catering industries.

Catering cloth napkins

You can choose from our comprehensive range of white gastronomic napkins: gastronomic napkins with atlas edge, four-sided hemmed or gastronomic napkins with atlas edge and two fixed selvedges. Cocktailservietten für FingerfoodIn addition, we also stock white gastro napkins without patterns. These gastro napkins are finely hemmed all round and of very high quality, we predominantly stock full twist goods made of pure cotton. They shine very lightly and in this way appear particularly noble. Genuine gastronomy fabric napkins are a guarantee for upscale hospitality and table culture in hotel and gastronomy needs.

Gastro-tablecloths online: a comprehensive assortment

We are currently expanding our product range further this year: The focus is on gastro tablecloths for upscale gastronomy, hotels, restaurants and catering, including gastro tablecloths with atlas edges in additional sizes or tablecloths without patterns in round form, which have recently even been available in 320cm diameter. A new and extensive range of cocktail napkins has been added to the range of gastro napkins. These are now available in 30x30 and even in 25x25cm: this is mainly aimed at gastro businesses that offer finger food at receptions and weddings. In addition to white table linen, gastronomy tablecloths are now also available in champagne and yellow. You can buy all Gastro tablecloths and Gastro napkins online.

Catering tablecloths square: white, champagne, chequered, damask 100% cotton, two-ply 130‑er width, 140‑er width
Catering table runners: white, champagne,  damask 100% cotton, two-ply, half-linen 40x130cm, 50x130cm, 40x170cm, 45x160cm
Catering tablecloths round: white, chequered, damask 100% cotton, two-ply Ø 130cm, Ø 160cm, Ø 180cm, Ø 200cm, Ø 210cm, Ø 225cm, Ø 240cm, Ø 260cm, Ø 280cm, Ø 295cm, Ø 320cm
Catering cloth napkins: white, champagne, chequered, damask 100% cotton, two-ply 50x50cm, 40x40cm, 30x30cm, 25x25cm