Which gastro tablecloth sizes are available?

In our range, you will find all common gastro tablecloth sizes in square, rectangular and round. In addition, we also offer some special sizes among the gastronomy tablecloths. Over the years, we have added numerous gastro tablecloth sizes to our range.

Calculate Gastro-tablecloth size

The calculation of the appropriate size of tablecloth for a restaurant table can be difficult, since the gastro tablecloth should be neither too long nor too short, but simply fit perfectly on the restaurant table. Often we are asked which gastro tablecloth size is suitable and how to calculate the right size of a tablecloth. Therefore, we have summarized the information on this page.

Determine the optimum gastro-tablecloth size

The correct size of a gastro tablecloth is actually quite easy to determine. For the restaurant business, the dimensions are somewhat tighter than in private households. The gastro-tablecloth should never lie on the "lap" of the guests, too long gastro-tablecloths are impractical because they quickly hinder the guests when sitting down or leaving the table.

You can determine the gastro-tablecloth size by taking the measurement of the tabletop and adding an overhang of approx. 20 cm per side for the gastro-tablecloth. This also applies to the round gastro tablecloths. We have put together various restaurant tablecloth sizes to illustrate this and to help you find the right size of restaurant tablecloth. The measurements for the gastro-tablecloths are to be understood as reference values or recommendations, which can of course be varied and adapted. If you have any questions or would like an individual calculation of your gastronomy tablecloths, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Size table Gastro tablecloths:
Gastro tablecloth size calculation
Dimensions width x length:

Gastro-tableformGastro-table measurements  Gastro-tablecloths size
rectangular tables width 80/90cm
80/90x130 cm 130 x 170 cm
80/90x150 cm 130 x 190 cm
80/90x180 cm 130 x 220 cm
80/90x200 cm 130 x 250 cm
80/90x240 cm 130 x 280 cm
rectangular tables width 100cm
100x140 cm 140 x 180 cm
100x160 cm 140 x 200 cm
100x180 cm 140 x 220 cm
100x200 cm 140 x 240 cm
100x280 cm 140 x 310 cm
100x300 cm 140 x 330 cm
square table
90x90 cm 130 x 130 cm
100x100 cm 140 x 140 cm
110x110 cm 140 x 140 cm
120x120 cm 160 x 160 cm
140x140 cm 180 x 180 cm
180x180 cm 210 x 210 cm
200x200 cm 240 x 240 cm
little round table
∅ 80 cm round ∅ 130 cm
∅ 90 cm round∅ 140 cm
∅ 100 cm round∅140 cm
∅ 110 cm round∅ 140/160 cm
∅ 120 cm round∅ 160 cm
∅ 130 cm round∅ 180 cm
∅ 140 cm round∅ 180 cm
big round table
∅ 150 cm round∅ 200 cm
∅ 160 cm round∅ 200/210 cm
∅ 170 cm round∅ 210/225 cm
∅ 180 cm round∅ 225 cm
∅ 200 cm round∅ 240 cm
∅ 220 cm round∅ 260 cm
∅ 240 cm round∅ 280 cm
∅ 260 cm round∅ 300 cm
∅ 280 cm round∅ 320 cm