Return notices / complaints

You can return the goods ordered from us within 14 days. Please proceed as follows:

1. If possible, use the original box for your return.

2. Make a copy of our invoice, which you enclose with the goods, so that we also know from whom the return comes.

3. Please understand that you have to bear the return shipping costs yourself. Please do not send the goods back to us freight collect. Shipments that are not prepaid or insufficiently franked will not be accepted.

Please note that the above information 1-3 are not a prerequisite for the effective exercise of the right of withdrawal. You can find this in our terms and conditions.

Complaints: wrong delivery, shortages, damage

If you have any reason for complaint, we ask you to inform us immediately by email or fax. If an incorrect delivery (e.g. other item) occurs unexpectedly, please inform us immediately by email. We will call you as soon as possible, clarify the necessary details and arrange for the replacement delivery to be dispatched promptly. In parallel, you will receive a sufficiently stamped DHL parcel stamp for the return. Please also check the delivered quantity (s). If there is still a shortage, please inform us immediately by email. We clarify the necessary details and deliver the subsequent delivery promptly. In the event of damage that is already externally visible upon delivery, we ask for photographic documentation. In the event of severe damage, we ask that you refuse to accept the shipment.